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Sol Vida Counseling Welcome Letter

Dear Family Member,

Welcome to Sol Vida Counseling. On behalf of the Sol Vida Counseling Program, I extend a warm welcome to you and your family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist families in utilizing their own strengths and resources to address the challenges they may be facing. We are here to provide support to children and families through a range of counseling and skill-building services.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to working with you to strengthen and support your family. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

We encourage you to take the time to review the information included in this welcome packet. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Vida Counseling worker, who will be happy to assist you.

We hope that your experience with Vida Counseling will be productive and beneficial to you and your family.


Viviane R. Wilkens,

President of Sol Vida Counseling

Welcome to Sol Vida Counseling

Quality of Service

At Sol Vida Counseling, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality services to children, families, and communities. Your feedback is invaluable to us. If we meet your expectations, please let us know. If we fall short, please share your feedback through the Sol Vida Counseling Satisfaction Survey.


Sol Vida Counseling is committed to providing services to all without discrimination based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, national background, age, gender, physical or mental disability, health, and sexual orientation.


We respect the confidential nature of the information we obtain while working with you and your family. Certain situations may require us to share information, such as:

  • Safety Risk to Self or Others
  • Child Abuse and Neglect

Your counselor will explain confidentiality further at the beginning of your treatment.

Counseling Process

You have the right to participate in developing your case plan. Your counselor will work with you to establish goals and timelines. Regular reviews of your progress will be conducted.

Your Counselor

Your counselor will discuss their educational and experiential background with you. They work under the supervision of senior staff to ensure you receive the best service. You will meet their supervisor early in your treatment.

Session Times

We strive to accommodate your scheduling needs, so please discuss them with your counselor.

Session Locations

Sessions can be held at a location where you feel comfortable, safe, and able to work toward your treatment goals.

Crisis Response

In case of a crisis, your Sol Vida Counseling counselor will provide you with an after-hours emergency contact number.

Referral to Other Services

Your counselor may refer you to additional community resources, such as support groups or financial counseling, to meet your specific needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Welcome Package, please discuss them with your counselor.

Service Standards

We adhere to the following standards in delivering our services:

  • Service Access: Every child/family has equal access to services, regardless of personal characteristics.
  • Individual and Family Needs: Services are tailored to meet individual and family needs in a culturally sensitive, strengths-based manner.
  • Decision Making and Choice: Clients have the opportunity to make decisions about their lives in relation to the services they receive.
  • Privacy, Respect, Dignity, and Confidentiality: Clients' rights to privacy, respect, dignity, and confidentiality are recognized and respected.
  • Community Relations: Clients are supported in establishing and enhancing their support networks.
  • Complaints and Concerns: Clients are encouraged to voice and resolve complaints and concerns related to the service received.
  • Freedom from Abuse: Clients have the right to be free from abuse and discrimination.
  • Service Management: Effective management practices are in place to ensure service quality and outcomes.
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement: Clients are entitled to the highest quality of service.

Service Feedback Policy

We welcome feedback from individuals and families to continually improve our service. You can provide feedback through various channels, including surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups, and email.

Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

As a recipient of Sol Vida Counseling services, you have specific rights and responsibilities. Please review and sign this document to acknowledge your understanding and agreement.

Contact Information

You and your family can reach us at:

Sol Vida Counseling, LLC
153 Komorn St
Newark, NJ 07105
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (908) 328-6886
Fax: (973) 368-8877

Your Assigned Staff

Please feel free to leave messages after business hours for non-emergency situations.

Welcome Packet Checklist and Receipt

Please acknowledge receipt of the following elements in the Welcome Packet:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Welcome to Vida Counseling
  • Service Feedback Policy
  • Privacy Packet
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Consent for Transport
  • Consent for Treatment
  • Consent for Release of Educational Information
  • Consent for the Release of Information